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Press release: IPO launch new IP resources for universities and colleges

This week saw the launch of a suite of new tools developed by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). The new toolkit will help students, teachers and lecturers explore the relevance of IP in their lives and future careers.

The Future Innovators Toolkit (FIT) provides Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers with the resources they need to introduce IP at any point in the curriculum.

Focussing on developing enterprise and employability skills, FIT consists of lesson plans, case studies, research scenarios and PowerPoint slides. These resources raise understanding of managing and exploiting IP and prepare STEM students for Higher Education or their careers.

IP Tutor Plus has also been launched to support university lecturers and deliver consistent messaging on IP. IP Tutor Plus explains what IP is and how it fits into their students’ future careers. It includes slides, lecture notes, FAQs, case studies and wider talking points. The Law, Business & Accounting module is currently available. The Creative, Humanities and STEM modules are coming soon.

The IPO recently launched IP for Research for PhD students and researchers to understand the importance of IP in maximising the impact of their research. The IP for Research programme includes 6 quick guides on the commercialisation process, face-to-face workshops and an IP skills lens.

With IP Tutor, Intellectual Asset Management Guide for Universities and Lambert Toolkit already supporting students, management and collaborations. These new tools complete the comprehensive support for students, lecturers and researchers.

Future Innovators Toolkit, IP Tutor Plus and IP for Research are all available on the Cracking Ideas portal.

Source: UK IPO News

Guidance: IP crime and enforcement for businesses

This guidance covers:

  • overview about IP crime and infringement across IP rights
  • what to do if you are accused of infringing someone’s IP rights
  • options available to address IP infringement: affordable access to justice including IPEC and private prosecutions
  • risks for businesses
  • how to report IP crime

Source: UK IPO News

Guidance: Patents RAPS Manual

The manual includes detailed desk instructions on the practices and procedures for Restorations, Surrender, Cancellation of Licence of Right and post-grant amendments and corrections. This manual has been produced from the Litigation Manual which was updated in November 2016.

We update the manual regularly to include changes in practice and procedure. Changes are indicated by a line in the margin, and there is a schedule of the latest changes in the Introduction.

Source: UK IPO News

Press release: UK-China IP symposium highlights importance of innovation

The 2017 UK-China symposium took place in London on Friday 22 September 2017, Co-hosted by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office and China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO). This annual flagship event for UK-China intellectual property (IP) co-operation formed part of a week of UK-China IP related activity.

The theme of this year’s event was ‘Future proofing the IP system’. It saw more than 200 thought leaders, policy makers and UK industry trendsetters in attendance.

Topics of discussion included:

  • how the intellectual property system is adapting to emerging technology trends such as AI and big data,
  • the latest policy and practice innovations in the patent and trade mark fields;
  • the challenges of online and offline IP enforcement as well as practical advice for innovative and creative business, including in design-intensive industries

The keynote address was delivered by Lord Prior, UK Business Minister and Vice Commissioner Gan Shaoning of [SIPO]. In his address, Lord Prior highlighted the increased co-operation and work sharing between the UK and China on intellectual property.

He said:

The fourth industrial revolution will be based above all on new ideas and new technology this means that the need for a robust IP regime has never been stronger or more necessary.

This Symposium presents a key opportunity for UK industry to engage with Chinese policy makers to discuss a wide range of IP issues, ensuring we deliver an IP system that protects innovation and creativity that can help boost economic growth and trade for both countries.

Linked to the event, the UK IP Attaché for China, Tom Duke, hosted a series of 8 regional events over 4 days. This year they took place in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Barnsley, Liverpool and Manchester. These events focussed on practical IP advice for large and small companies looking to mitigate IP risks in China business ventures.

Following on from this successful symposium, UK IPO Chief Executive Tim Moss will visit China later in the Autumn as part of continued engagement with his Chinese counterparts.

Source: UK IPO News

Guidance: Promoting innovation and growth: The IPO at work 2016/2017

Innovation fuels economic growth. There is evidence to show that more innovative markets are the ones that grow. This is true across the whole economy or individual industries, with the businesses in them measurably more productive.

IP is important for innovation. The system of interconnected IP rights, patents, trade marks, designs and copyright, reduces the risk of investing in innovation by ensuring that the results can be commercially exploited by the owner and protected from exploitation by others. With good IP protection, innovators can be confident that they can make a fair return on their investment.

The IPO supports innovation and growth by delivering a clear, accessible and widely understood IP system, encouraging investment in innovation and ensuring that the results of that investment are used and adequately protected.

The report is a retrospective look at the IPO’s activity for 2016/17. It is structured around our four outward-facing strategic goals which shape our strategy and corporate plan:

  • promoting UK growth through IP Policy
  • delivering High Quality Rights Grant Services
  • ensuring IP rights are respected and appropriately enforced
  • educating and enabling business to understand, manage and protect their IP

Source: UK IPO News