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In business, disputes are not to be taken as emotional or as a personal issue. The decision maker should handle the dispute matters swiftly, and resolve them more quickly as a solution than taking it to the court and litigate it for years. Except otherwise, you have been pulled-in voluntarily.

A common meeting place and parties in dispute shall have a negotiation, at least 2 or 3 meetings to resolve the matter and settle the dispute amicably. Most cases if
settled amicably in both the parties favor, such a mutual deal nothing less than winning it alone after several years.

Today’s one rupee is more than the value of tomorrow’s 100 rupees.

However, such amicable settlements do not happen so quickly. The party’s biased thought over the issue would not allow you to settle. Therefore, in disputes, we always need experts and a common person to find the facts, comply the legal provisions solutions. Such experts are Mediators would explain the facts and expect
the parties to come up with the settlement.

Even, under such scenarios parties would hesitate to open the offer and agree to the mediator. Thus, the UNCITRAL rules suggest parties settle the dispute through  Arbitration mechanism. Arbitration is similar to the court proceedings, but only with minimal meetings and the unbiased award is given. Such awards are recognized by the courts unless there is some disputes arise over the appointment of an arbitrator for his qualifications and relationship with either of the party.

Apart from that Arbitration is less Costly, it is not time-consuming, unlike prolonging litigations; which could give a real bite out of your company’s bottom line.  Arbitration is becoming a trend. That is why more and more companies are turning to well recognized Arbitration Rules. As far as India is concerned, Arbitration  Centers have been setup at various High courts, administered by the High Court Registrar and High-Level Committee. Similarly, there are Arbitration centers like Indian  Council of Arbitration located in Delhi. For international Disputes, centers like ICC, LCIA, DIAC, HKIAC, SIAC, DIAC and ad hoc (typically UNCITRAL) arbitration are available

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