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Search for Indian Patent – Advanced

 Search for Indian Patent here.

inPass allows web based public, quick  and advanced patent database search.
– It allows option like Only published or Granted
– Application Date options

  • Title or claim abstract or numbers, inventor detail options
  • Logical operators AND, OR, NOT.  Ex. “Chip” in Title AND “memory” in Claim
  • Search
  • Results – Tap on each result
  • Right Screen provides 3 options. 1) Bibliographic data 2) Complete Specification 3) Application Status.

Search parameters List items optionL.

Date options
Advanced patent fields


Logical logical operators And OR


Results screen

Patent search result-advanced

Patent Bibliographic data

Indian Patent Bibiliographic Data

Application Status

Indian Patent application status

PDF viewer, Patent Specification

Indian Patent Comlpete Specification
Indian patent Database, public search.



Guidance: Patent forms and fees

Updated: Forms 28 and 30 updated.

Use this guide to find details of all our patent forms, cost for both online and paper transactions and when they were last updated.

Fee sheets

A fee sheet must be filed with all fee bearing forms.

PCT fees

Information on the new PCT fees are also available.

How to pay us

Information on how to pay by card, cheque, bank transfer or deposit account is available in a supporting detailed guide.

Source: UK IPO News