3 themes shaping the UK mediation market

Taken from a presentation at the inauguration of Oxford University’s ADR Society

I’ve picked three broad themes to discuss this evening as we think about ADR in the UK market. In doing so, I hope to reflect on the purpose of ADR, its importance to society in general and the importance of continued support for ADR from those of you with less grey hair than me.

My first theme is the proliferation and growth in ADR; my second is generational change and its effect on the practice of mediation; finally I’m going to offer some thoughts on competition: that is, competition between individuals and, as importantly, competition between ADR processes.

1. Proliferation 

Let me start, then, with proliferation. The story of the last decade in mediation circles, I believe, has been one of growth. Not simply in absolute numbers, but in the extraordinary spread and diversity of contexts in which mediation is currently used.

Source: JAMS ADR