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Research and analysis: Innovation, patenting and licensing in the UK

Updated: The link to the Survey of Innovation and Patent Use added.

The Survey of Innovation and Patent Use is now available on the UK Data Service Discover catalogue:

The Intellectual Property Office commissioned the Survey of Innovation and Patent Use (SIPU) in September 2012 in order to shed light on the factors associated with expenditures on technology in-licensing and the patenting behaviour of firms that had innovated over the 2009 to 2012 period.

The survey was designed by the authors but conducted by the Office for National Statistics and based on a sampling frame drawn from the Community Innovation Survey conducted in 2006 to 2008.

The advantage of this sampling frame was that it gave information on the antecedent technological behaviour of the surveyed firms. In turn this enabled the analysis of some of the behavioural assumptions/ underpinnings that could explain the observed outcomes on technology in-licensing and recourse to patent use to protect innovations.

Authors: Ashish Arora, Suma Athreye, Can Huang.

Source: UK IPO News