• Computer, Digital patents
    We provide Comprehensive range of Corporate legal services for business and investors.
  • iPad Patent Search app
    For new clients, we offer a free initial consultation over the phone, or at our office.
  • Pharma research, chemical domain search
    Giving life to your Ideas
  • Technology patents, research, search services
    We advise on all aspects of legal and technicality of Patents and Trademark, Design, Copyright, and
  • Solar patent, wind patent
    USPTO, EP, JP, IN, and Any other region

PGN  WISSEN & CO is a growing intellectual property support and services firm, offers services to global businesses, technology driven companies, research institutes, universities, and law firms. Our focus disciplines to technology domains such as Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Engineering, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Computers, and Telecommunication domains etc. Our core services supported by experienced experts and dedicated team.

Our partnership with clients, partners, and associates is a determination towards harmonising respect to intellectual thoughts, and uphold inherited rights of such intangible assets in market. Our innovate approaches to in-house solutions, and our analytical approach to client requirements, brings out solutions with a uniqueness, and an output of quality. Our mission is to identify, conceptualise, legalise, ripe, and protect benefits out of intellectual property rights.

Mission & Vision

  • Build a long term relationship with clients, partners, and associates
  • Enrich intellectual property rights of individuals and companies
  • Commitment to provide services with quality and efficiency to client’s time and their investments.
  • Always analyze, monitor for gaps and developments in adopting methodologies and technologies.
  • Give value for time and reward to partners.
  • Always keep in mind reduction of costs to clients, provide value proposition as a package.
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