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  • Pharma research, chemical domain search
    Giving life to your Ideas
  • iPad Patent Search app
    For new clients, we offer a free initial consultation over the phone, or at our office.
  • Technology patents, research, search services
    We advise on all aspects of legal and technicality of Patents and Trademark, Design, Copyright, and
  • Computer, Digital patents
    We provide Comprehensive range of Corporate legal services for business and investors.
  • Solar patent, wind patent
    USPTO, EP, JP, IN, and Any other region

Trademark Registration – IP India, Copyright, Design, Patent,

PGN  WISSEN & CO is a growing intellectual property Law support and Services firm, offers knowledge processing services to global law firms, businesses, technology-driven companies, research institutes, universities, and individuals.

P W & CO partnership with clients, partners, and associates is a determination towards harmonising respect to intellectual thoughts and uphold inherited rights of such intangible assets in the market.

P W & CO innovate approaches to in-house solutions and analytical approach custom designed to client requirements.

P W & CO mission is to identify, conceptualise, legalise, ripe, and protect benefits out of intellectual property rights.

P W & CO provides registrations in  IP India, Copyright, Design Patent, patents Trademark

Mission & Vision

  • Build a long term relationship with clients, partners, and associates;
  • Enrich the intellectual property rights of individuals and companies;
  • The commitment of providing services with quality and efficiency to client’s time and their investments;
  • Always analyze, monitor for gaps and developments in adopting methodologies and technologies;
  • Give value for time and reward to partners;
  • Always keep in mind reduction of costs to clients, provide value proposition as a package;
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